Brush Finished Concrete

A durable, hard wearing surface for heavily trafficked areas, e.g. external warehouse yards.

Polished Concrete Floors

A durable, hard wearing surface for areas in which forklifts can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Mezzanine Decks

Mezzanine Decks can either be completed as flat and smooth, or to a full power float finish.


We carry out many repairs, including but not limited to:
– Puddling waters in external yards;
-Crack repairs on internal floors;
-Joint corrosion due to fork trucks;
i.e. replaced with armoured joint for long-lasting endurance;
-Delamination repairs.

Joint Installation

We install armoured joints into new build units. We also replace old and damaged joints with new armoured joints, for a more efficient way of reducing damage to your floor.

Slab Breakouts

We offer a slab removal service. Whether this be an old yard, or an old internal floor, we can break it out and remove all surfaces.

Professional. Reliable. Affordable.